Titles Mr., Ms., Mrs., and Dr. do not have to be spelled out. But do spell out titles like these: “Professor, Dean, Sister, Rabbi, Imam, Senator, Governor, Captain, Admiral, Judge” If unsure of a person’s gender, you may use the full name rather than a title:
Dear Lea Swift: / Dear Ed Green:

Most Popular Contents of Business Letter

Avoid “To whom it may concern.” Instead, choose the job title or a generic greeting:
If you are writing to a company rather than any specific individual, use the company name: Dear Trex Printing:
As for the format of a business letter, Business letter Format the University of Wisconsin – Madison identifies two basic formats for a letter:

The Form of Business Letter

 All the parts are indented to the left . The Indented Form – The return address, date, closing, and signature of the author are indented to the right and the rest to the left

Below are samples of business letters. Complaint Letter / Personal, no letterhead needed: From Georgia’s Office of Consumer Protection.

Your address
Your city, state, zip code

Today’s date

Name of contact person (if available)
Title (if available)
Company name
Consumer Complaint Division (if there is no contact person)
Street address
City, state, zip code

Account number or other reference to your complaint

Editing in Business Letter

This letter is to notify you or follow up on our conversation of date about a problem I am having with the name of product or service performed that I bought, leased, rented or had repaired at your name of location location on date. I am dissatisfied with your service or product because describe problem. I have already attempted to resolve this problem by describe attempts and actions taken. I have enclosed copies of my records. Include copies of receipts, canceled checks, contracts, and other relevant documents

Parts of Business Letter

Unfortunately, the problem remains unresolved. I am hereby requesting that you: List specific actions you want (such as: refund, exchange or repair the item)

Please contact me within number of days days to confirm that you will honor my request. I have prepared a complaint for submission to the proper agencies for investigation. I will not file the complaint if you resolve the problem within this time period I have indicated.

Thank you for your anticipated assistance in resolving my problem. Please contact me at telephone number and/or e-mail address if you have any questions.


Your signature

Your name

Enclosure(s): List attached document copies

cc: Name(s) of anyone to whom you are sending a copy of this letter
Different Types of Business Letter: Inter-office Documents

Some say that how businesses communicate and deal with their partners and clients reflect their way of handling their own internal communications. This is, according to the Foundation, a non-profit institution in Washington D.C., organizational communication. It involves “sending and receiving of messages among interrelated individuals within a particular environment or setting to achieve individual and common goals.” The process is strictly anchored on the organization’s context and culture. This can be conducted using mediated channels, face-to-face, or written. Each written internal communication has its purpose, which directs a document’s details, tone, and style. 

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